Rock Crystal Candy Growing Experiment – Grow Your Own Rock Candy – – Age 14+


Have you ever wanted to grow your own Rock Crystal Candy? If so, Boone’s Mill Trading’s Crystal Growing Kit has everything you need to get started!

What are crystals? What makes crystals grow? What is a supersaturated solution? Why are crystals important to us? The answers to these intriguing questions and more can be found in the provided study guide, and by first-hand observation when you grow your own Rock Candy Crystals! There’s nothing more educational than hands-on activity, and with this kit, you and your kids will watch as crystals appear out of seemingly nowhere, through the power of science!

Our handy manual gives you step-by-step instructions, as well as scientific information about the process of saturation, precipitation, and crystallization. Educational and entertaining, this experiment is perfect for kids and adults alike! Your kids will love watching as their Rock Crystal Candy grows like magic from supersaturated sugar water! Pour the solution into our clear glass growing vessel, and watch as the crystals take shape! Over the course of a week, you can grow your own beautiful, colorful, fascinating Rock Crystal Candy that’s good enough to eat!

We even include four extra seeded sticks so that you can grow more rock candy! Add on another pound of sucrose to your order, or follow the guide and use table sugar. The results will be different using table sugar and it will be fun to see and learn about the differences!

Includes the following:

  • Sucrose (not available in grocery stores) to grow one stick of large, clear crystals
  • 5 “seeded” sticks (4 extra sticks so that you can experiment with other kinds of sugar!)
  • Tempered Glass jar growing vessel
  • Educational study guide with experiment directions

Adult Supervision Required