Pop Rifle: The Tick Licker – Available in 4 Colors


Squire Boone’s brother, Daniel Boone, claimed to be so skilled as a marksman that he could shoot a tick off of a bear’s ear without causing the bear any harm. He named his Kentucky long rifle “Old Tick Licker,” as a testament to his incredible aim. Inspired by Daniel Boone’s legacy, you can live out your dream of exploring the frontier wilderness with Boone’s Mill Trading’s Tick Licker Pop Rifle. Playtime will never be the same!

Pump-action Pop Rifle with a cork attached via string means you never lose your ammo!

Tick Licker logo and story of the Tick Licker name printed on either side of the stock of the pop rifle.

Available in 4 colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red