Get Your Cray On!® Crayons – 8 pack


Get Your Cray On!® Crayons will up your crayon game! When it’s time to color, these crayons are high quality, heavily pigmented, and ready to bring your drawings to life! Nothing beats the feeling of a brand new box of crayons, and with eight bright colors, smooth application, and easy blending, you’ll be coloring for hours! They’re perfect for coloring your Boone’s Mill Trading’s Get Your Cray On® Puzzles!

Each pack includes eight (8) high-quality crayons in the most popular colors to bring any drawing to life:

  • Cuckoo Orange
  • Delirious Red
  • Maniacal Yellow
  • Gadzooks Green
  • Berserker Blue
  • Gaga Purple
  • Loony Brown
  • Bonkers Black