Go Fish Puzzle Deck Playing Cards – Age 4+


Go Fish like you’ve never seen before! Boone’s Mill Trading’s Go Fish Card decks aren’t just a deck of cards, the back of every card has a unique image, creating a puzzle of a highly animated and fun ocean scene!

  1. Go Fish! like you know and love with graphic animated ocean animals. Every card includes a fun fact about each animal…and no fact is repeated!
  2. Card Puzzle: An ocean scene is printed across the back of every card creating a 52 card puzzle! The final puzzle is an impressive 21″x22.5″ image that can be put together again and again!

The Go Fish Card faces also feature traditional playing card markings (4 suits, numbers 2-10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace) so the cards can also be used to play any card game!

Countless hours of fun await with the Go Fish! Puzzle Playing Cards!